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Rosa Montiel was born and raised in Oaxaca, Mexico, a place internationally known for its delicious food and its fine mezcals. In 1989 she moved to USA, she was 21 years old, and began her career in the hospitality business working in different restaurants in San Francisco and Marin County, CA. It was during those adolescent years that she got her first encounter with tequila. Rosa was working as an assistant in a very busy bar and was constantly amazed by how customers kept complaining about the bad hangovers they had after having just a few of the traditional tequila shots served with lime and salt or a few margaritas, which were the only two ways that Americans knew how to drink tequila.

At one time Rosa traveled back to Mexico to visit her family and noticed that drinking tequila in Mexico was a very different experience. It started with her noticing that Mexicans were drinking different brands of tequila - most of them totally new for her and not available in the US - and trying those tequilas she began to learn how to identify and appreciate the deep flavors and aromas of the spirit. She also noticed that Mexicans drink tequila very differently than Americans. Mexicans were drinking tequila without lime and salt and instead it was served in a sniffer glass and sipped, the same way you would drink whiskey or cognac. She was captivated by these new discoveries and the completely different experience.

That trip to Mexico was the beginning of a life time of exploration and on-going education for Rosa to expand her knowledge and appreciation for the world of tequila and mezcal. In 1997 she moved to Seattle WA and continued her career in the hospitality business working as an operations manager for the Hilton Hotels. She began to share her passion for food and tequila with her friends and family first. In 2005 she traveled to Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico and spend very good amount of time learning about tequila and doing tastings at some of the most prestigious tequila distilleries in the country. She also traveled to her natal Oaxaca, Mexico to meet mezcal producers and begin her education in mezcal, something that still is work in progress.

In 2013 after working at the hospitality business industry for more than 20 years, Rosa moved out of USA to pursue her other passion in life: Yoga. Traveling around the world teaching yoga was a different way to stay connected to her native Mexico. Tequila was the a mega star of every conversation with foreigners, because every person she met in each corner of the world always asked her this: "What is tequila?". Answering this question was a real pleasure for Rosa, and without too much planning, she began to promote tequila tastings and tequila cuisine pairings to many friends from all over the world. 

In 2017 Rosa moved permanently to Sabro, Denmark where she resides with her wife Gry and her two step children. Living in Denmark where the distribution of tequila is more limited, motivated Rosa to open Tequila-Tasting.dk as a way to promote the history, culture and her favorites tequilas to the people in Denmark. She learned from her experince in the USA how to introduce tequila to people from different countries, backgrounds and palate. "After all, tequila is like wine, very personal!"

Rosa's private tequila tastings are focused on sharing all about tequila and all things Mexican. You can expect curious data and a lot of information on the subject of tequila and the process of how it's made. Rosa has spend more than 30 years tracking down the best tequilas, mezcals and everything related with Mexican cuisine and beverages. Her goal is to give you a new perspective on tequila and how a good quality tequila can taste in order for you and your group to enjoy this unique spirit and maybe fall in love with tequila as much as she did.

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